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A testament to beautiful Victorian architecture


South End's history stretches back to the mid-19th century when it transformed from a narrow piece of land next to salt marshes linking Roxbury to Boston into the city’s most premier neighborhood. Accomplished architect Charles Bulfinch designed this trendy and edgy community into the diverse and beloved area it is today. 


The influence of Charles Bulfinch on South End’s architecture is undeniable, as most buildings feature beautiful and extensive old-world, Victorian designs, creating an intimate, nostalgic feel to the neighborhood. Many rowhouses line its well-kept, leafy streets and are both affordable and charming. 


South End is home to a melting pot of people and cultures, with young families, retirees, professionals, and artists setting roots here. Residential streets are affluent and offer the edgy area a desirable sense of grandeur and sophistication. Many local and independent businesses only cater to the area’s authenticity, and many homes are within walking distance of beloved cafes, restaurants, and shops. Homeowners in South End can testify to the benefits of living in a neighborhood located just a few minutes away from downtown Boston. Residents experience the benefits of working and shopping in Boston while maintaining a peaceful lifestyle at home. 


What to Love

  • First gayborhood in Boston
  • The beautiful architectural designs on display across South End’s streets
  • Affordable real estate 
  • Pet friendly 
  • The MBTA runs through the community 

Local Lifestyle

South End is a diverse neighborhood home to people from all walks of life. The neighborhood is welcoming and friendly, offering a pleasant and respectful atmosphere. Community events and festivals reign supreme in and around the area and offer numerous ways for fellow neighbors to join together for socialization. 


Numerous career opportunities, art galleries, and shopping enclaves attract many people to the area. In response, South End features an active cultural scene, from art galleries and museums to historic landmarks, and an artistic and creative vibe where everyone is encouraged to display their culture and talents. 


Variety is the spice of life in Sound End, with many trendy boutiques and vintage shops filling the area’s commercial spots. Numerous shopping, dining, and entertainment options are found around every corner. 


Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

To get the best cheese in Boston and pair it with incredible wine, look no further than Formaggio Kitchen. This popular stop offers European and American dishes to customers and select entrees best paired with cheese, beer, and wine. 


Mistral is an upscale restaurant in Boston that specializes in French-Mediterranean cuisine. The establishment has an elegant ambiance, allowing diners to enjoy their meals in the best possible environment.


Club Cafe is a popular gay bar in Boston that celebrates the LGBT community. Here, guests can enjoy a lively nightlife scene with incredible music, drinks, and cuisine. 


For exquisite French fare in a Parisian-style bistro, stop by Aquitaine. This delightful eatery boasts a full-service bar and an expansive menu featuring popular brunch favorites. 


Things to Do

Attend the SoWa Open Market. This weekly event is where residents go to support local vendors and purchase a wide range of items, from groceries and fresh cuisine to handmade products and fresh flowers. Afterward, stop by the Calderwood Pavilion, Boston’s main venue for live performances, from musicals to plays. It allows residents to experience local artistry at their doorsteps.


Boston Pride is a long-awaited event that takes place every year in the heart of Boston. South End residents converge together for a day of celebration and community through parades, live music, dancing, and food. 

Pet owners love South End for its numerous parks and green spaces that welcome canine companions. Flat fields are perfect for playing fetch, while the nearby dog runs provide your furry friend with ample opportunity to frolic and play. 



South End is home to top-rated schools, including:


  • Boston Ballet
  • Boston Medical School 
  • New England School of Law
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