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A picturesque and contemporary Boston neighborhood


Back Bay is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Boston, Massachusetts, offering the best views of the city skyline and the natural beauty of the area. What once used to be an artificial landfill is now a bustling suburb offering world-class amenities. Everything about Back Bay is designed to create a pleasant living experience for residents. Most houses were built more than a century ago and only added to the community’s rich charm and old-world grandeur architecture. 


Back Bay prides itself on being a walkable, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood with numerous well-maintained pathways and tree-lined streets. As a result, residents are close to Back Bay’s fashionable core, which includes vibrant upscale shopping and dining. Anything you need or want is just steps from your front door. 


Back Bay’s rich history is seen through the city’s architectural designs, which immerse community buildings in the area’s iconic old-world personality. Back Bay’s homes feature various architectural styles, each as magnificent as the last.


What to Love

  • Walkable to your favorite designer stores and fine-dining restaurants 
  • Proximity to everything you might need to lead a comfortable luxurious life
  • Architecture around the neighborhood captures the beautiful history of Boston
  • Its central location and proximity to the Boston metropolitan area
  • The MBTA cuts through Back Bay

Local Lifestyle

Back Bay is a premier neighborhood in Boston, providing a high quality of life to all residents. Its strong sense of community is seen through its invested locals and various festivals and events. The upscale vibe of the area is felt when you walk into any boutique, restaurant, and entertainment spot in the neighborhood. Living in Back Bay is a one-of-a-kind experience; no matter where you go in the community, you’ll be faced with a posh and fashionable atmosphere. 


Back Bay offers a pleasant living experience for anyone looking to be close to Boston while still enjoying the serenity of a suburban neighborhood. Leafy residential streets are home to young families, professionals, and empty nesters who have no problem finding ways to enjoy their free time, whether at a park or perusing Back Bay’s iconic shopping district. 


Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Back Bay is home to every luxury brand you can imagine. Located in the heart of Back Bay, a high-end fashion brand offering upscale apparel and accessories. The establishment also offers curbside pickup. Gucci is another well-known brand with a presence in Back Bay, enabling customers to access some of the world's most fashionable shoes and clothing. The brand has a reputation for only dealing with the highest quality materials and leads a loyal customer base. Popular items include fine leather handbags, gold-lined belts, and more. 


After shopping at Neiman Marcus and Gucci, visit Saks Fifth Avenue. This sprawling apparel store serves its customers a curated collection of trendy and upmarket clothing for both men and women. Nothing in Back Bay represents luxury more than Cartier. This legendary and world-renowned jeweler and watchmaker provide residents with access to the most exclusive and rare pieces in the world.


Things to Do

Art enthusiasts will love Copley Square. This community hotspot is named after a famous painter and is a melting pot for various cultural influences. This serene area boasts Copley Square Park, its picturesque fountain, and a central location with a first-hand look at the 19th-century Trinity Church and the John Hancock building. 

Cheer on participants during The Boston Marathon, one of the most popular events in the Boston area. Be there every step of the way in this thrilling race as athletes take on 26 miles. As racers begin to complete the marathon, be there at the finish line. 

Back Bay is close to the Boston Public Garden, a beloved neighborhood space offering beautiful natural views and a diverse range of flora in the city's heart. Afterward, visit any number of premier hotels in the area, including Fairmont Copley Plaza and The Westin Copley Place. 



Top-rated schools in the area include:


  • Berkeley School of Music
  • Boston Architectural College 
  • The Harvard Club’s alumna society
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